Need of VoIP phone system for small Business


Usually, smaller businesses have a smaller capital, smaller staff and have fewer funds to run as compared to other big businesses. To manage their work, small businesses need cheaper and reliable systems to meet their requirements. So, smaller businesses require such applications which offer HD video conferencing, HD audio conferencing and Team group text messaging at cheaper rates.



  1. Virtual Receptionist: Virtual Receptionist has become a very popular aspect of voip ipphone for businesses. If anyone isn’t available to take calls, a Virtual Receptionist comes into play. Virtual Receptionist answers queries and the customers will listen to the message by the virtual receptionist. Virtual Receptionist acts like a ChatBot. Businesses can even program Virtual Receptionists to greet customers and tell customers about their company, new offers and schemes. The customer can be asked to press buttons for the options they choose. In this way, a Virtual Receptionist solves queries and lead customers to the right department.


  1. Ring Groups: Each department can be allotted a ring group. For example, if a customer needs to speak to someone in the sales department only, all VoIP in the sales department would ring not any other department rather than the sales. Moreover, managers and other people working in higher departments can let VoIP ring for their assistants when they are busy.


  1. VoIP Mobility: VoIP devices should be used from the office and home as well. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, so many small business voip has shifted to work from home environment, doing the same work with limited resources. So, VoIP should offer mobility for employees to work from home with the systems.


  1. Business number: Everyone working in a company has their personal as well as official number but it is difficult to give professional numbers to customers every time.  Here, the concept of business numbers comes into play. A business number is called the company’s official number and could address the same company. Similarly, each department has a unique business number, although similar to the single business number of the company, yet, it is different. The Business number helps in customer queries and resolutions. The same business number could work for the same department and similar ones for the same company.


  1. Conference call: A conference call, whether audio or visual, even group texting, at high quality is an utmost need. From time to time planning and group meetings can be easier with the help of conference calling holding the maximum number of people together. Background noise and disturbances are suppressed in these conference calls.



  1. Virtual fax: The use of Faxes is still in offices. Virtual fax eliminates the need and possession of the equipment for fax. Firstly, Faxes are converted into PDF format and uploaded into the company portal. If anyone from the company needs to access virtual fax, they can access it with the help of phone extensions. The one who manages all these faxes can track all the activity done in the portal.


It is concluded that using traditional telecommunication networks cost small businesses much more because companies require group conferencing whether audio or visual. So, small businesses require a reliable and fast voip business phone system for group communication, audio, visual and text-based.